Signs And Symptoms Of Autism

Signs and Symptoms of Autism in Children.

What are Early Warning Signs and Symptoms of Autism

You have probably arrived at my website as You are concerned about a person or someone you know who may be displaying an odd behaviour or behaviours, not communicating, not talking, having severe tantrums, no eye contact, regressing in their development, not reaching their developmental milestones and perhaps other reasons?
Do YOU Want to Know What Are the Signs and Symptoms to look for?
Then you have definitely arrived at the right website to learn how to identify some of the early signs and symptoms of Autism.
Well, here are just a few Signs of Autism to look out for. I mention these, as these were displayed by my son who has Autistic Spectrum Disorder. I want to ensure that people are aware of what some of the signs and symptoms of autism are, from my own experience of dealing with my son’s Autism:

Some of the Signs and Symptoms Of Autism

Little or no eye contact
Difficulty in expressing needs
Little or no smiling
At 1 year: no babbling, no pointing or these have stopped
At 16 months: no words or words have disappeared
At 2 years: no phrases or phrases have dropped
Prefers to be alone, aloof manner
Displays odd play such as playing with doors, fixated with spinning objects, stacking toys, lining up toys or more focused on part of a toy
Your child likes playing on their own – solitary play
Repetitive behaviour
Repeating words or phrases in place of normal responsive language. Even echolalia
Laughing or showing distress for reasons not apparent to others
Unexplainable excessive crying
Aggression which is unexplained
Not using age-appropriate words to communicate
Enjoys movement and is calmer when rocking, swinging or jumping or shaking body or head
Over sensitive to certain sounds such as vacuum cleaner sounds, dog barking, lawnmower
Self-injurious behaviour such as head banging may be present
Flapping hands, tiptoeing or biting
Resisting change to set routines
Delay in spoken language
Completely indifferent to other people’s feelings and there are more ….

WARNING: Just because your child may be exhibiting some of these early signs of autism and symptoms conditions, does not mean it it’s Autism. DO NOT be alarmed, seek out an opinion from a Medical Advisor, GP, Doctor and Paediatrician asap.
Do not delay if you’re unsure, it may just be some other developmental disorder and may not be autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
Even saying this, Autism is not a curse, if it does turn out that your child has Autism.

So, what is Autism?

Autism means living in one’s own world. Autism or Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a brain or developmental disorder that affects a way a person understands the world.
It nearly always begins in childhood under the age of three. Autism is also referred to as Autistic Spectrum Disorder or ASD, Autistic Spectrum Condition or ASC, Autism, Asperger’s (high functioning Autism – now longer diagnosed 2022) and Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD). Every child on the Autism Spectrum is affected differently and is different in most respects. The child has unique challenges, differing symptoms and varying degrees of abilities.
Watch this Video to give you some idea on the Signs and Symptoms of Autism or ASD

A child’s development is affected by the way it communicates or chooses not to communicate, limited or no eye contact, the child has different ways of playing with its toys (for example lining up toys, interested in certain toys), repetitive behaviour such as playing with doors, and limited interaction with other people. These are just some of the Signs and Symptoms of Autism. These are not limited to the behaviours of autistic children. They love routine and structure as it makes sense and any interrruptions to these routines can cause havoc, especially in the younger days.
Usually and autistic person or child displays three main characteristics. These are problems with their language in term of communication, displaying stereotypical behaviours and limited social interaction with others.
These 3 characteristics are usually referred to as the “triad of impairments” and are key characteristics to the Signs and Symptoms of Autism.
Autism Awareness and understanding of Autism needs to be addressed as it is now affecting a lot of people and families around the world in one way or another. Recent research suggests 1 in 150 in the UK and increasing!

Spread the word about Autism and what it means to be Autistic.

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