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Just in case you want to know about My Story:

My name is Sofina Aghios and I am a mother of a child who back in 2004 (it now seems such as long time ago)  was diagnosed with Autism at the tender and young age of two and a half years old. He is such an amazing son, but yet a challenging child. Autism can also be referred to as Autistic Spectrum Conditon (ASC), Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD). You have arrived at this site perhaps wanting to know what the signs and symptoms of autism are?
I have been through the initial strange behaviours of my child, how it feels to receive the formal diagnosis and the whole grieving process of not having the “perfect” child that you thought you had. If you are looking for the signs and symptoms of Autism then you are definitely and already in the right place.

I have first hand experience of dealing with an Autistic child and Autism, both from a parent’s point of view and real life experience. I can give you support on autism, behaviours and therapies, etc. I’m writing from life experience and can give you pointers as to what to look out for and how to spot the Signs and Symptoms of Autism in children at an early age or in some cases at a much later age and stage.

Autism Awareness Signs and Symptoms of Autism

Autism Awareness Signs and Symptoms of Autism

I will try my best to help you to find out if what your child has is Autism through providing you with information in my book which is all available for FREE! Yes Free, this is solely on the basis that you read this book and spread the awareness of Autism among your communities and eventually spreading it to entire counties, states, countries and the world where ever possible. I can perhaps get you through to finding out what the signs and symptoms are.
I can tell  you one thing, when I discovered my child had autism, I wasn’t even looking for the diagnosis of Autism, and like many other people (I am very sorry to say, including me) I didn’t know exactly what Autism was!
I am really ashamed to admit it, but like everyone else who watched “The Rain Man” and suddenly was aware of a tiny bit of autism was not enough. The rain Man created a really false image of what it is like to be on the Autistic Spectrum for many children and people on the Autistic Spectrum. Autism affects each person in a different and unique way even though there are many similarites in terms of social interaction problems and others.

Please do not think that if your child shows any of the behaviours, signs and symptoms of autism outlined on this website and in my FREE ebook that they neessarily have Autism. All I ask, is that you observe them carefully and make a diary or notes of their behaviours and then bring all your concerns to a doctor, preferably a Paediatrician.

Best Wishes

Sofina Aghios

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