Autism Screening Quiz

The following is taken from the website.

According to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, ‘there are a number of things that parents, teachers, and others who care for children can look for to determine if a child needs to be evaluated for autism.’ This autism quiz asks about ‘red flags’ that could be a sign that a Pediatrician or other health professional should evaluate a child for autism or a related communication disorder.

Keep in mind that other conditions can also cause these symptoms, that you have to consider what your child can do in an age appropriate manner (for example, a 6 month old likely won’t respond to his name), and that normal children can have some of these symptoms and behaviors (like being independent, walking on her toes, or preferring to play alone).

Having one or more of these signs, symptoms, and behaviors should prompt a discussion with your Pediatrician to see if further evaluation needs to be done.

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