“Don’t Write Me off” – NAS

Don’t Write Me Off – National Autistic Society

Amazing and Really Shocking Facts About Adults with Autism (UK):

  • just 15% have a full-time job
  • one-third are currently without a job or access to benefits
  • 79% of those on Incapacity Benefit want to work

Adults with Asperger’s or on the Autistic Spectrum or any adults that have any other Communication difficulty disorder are alarmingly being unfairly treated and managed. Employers, employees, social support services such as actual benefit centres are failing them. The failure of the Government and Government Institutes to understand their needs, when it comes to employment and benefits if they cannot work, needs to be addressed.

  • Adults with Autism need to work
  • They need to have a job when they can work
  • Receive benefits when they can’t work
  • And a government that can help achieve this and lead the way.

Please visit Don’t write me off Part 1 and show your support and Don’t Write Me off Part 2

Visit the following website for a greater understanding on what Adults with Aspergers’ and on Autistic Spectrum conditions are having to face. It is very heart-breaking and they need our support.

All parents, families affected by autism, grandparents and carers of Autistic children and adults really need to stand up for their rights and show their support. Write to your local MPs

Also, check out Autism Act 2009, we did it.